Customs clearance

Depending on the specifics of the product and the route, we offer to draw up an import, export or transit declaration, as well as calculate the amount of taxes payable to the state. We will perform various types of cargo customs clearance works at any customs point in the territory of Latvia. If you have any questions regarding clearance, our team will provide free consultations on the application of customs procedures.

  • Export procedure - export of EU cargo outside the EU border - we draw up an export declaration (EX A, EU A)
  • Import procedure - release of goods for free circulation in Latvia, importing goods from third countries - we draw up an import declaration (IM A)
  • Transit procedure - the movement of third country goods from the border to domestic customs points or the movement of goods from a customs warehouse to the EU border, as well as to the consignee in another EU Member State under a transit guarantee (T1, TIR Carnet)